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You'll hit better golf shots with every club

For a full bag it takes an hour to find the data that will make golf easier, improving your game.

We’ve added 40 yards to tee shots, created wedge shots that check and stop, made approach shots more accurate, made ball striking easier. Neil Marr, one of the UK's top 25 golf coaches, makes the best use of this data to get the most out of your swing.

Meldrum House have upgraded their trackman for the new season. This is the 4th Generation TrackMan and provides us with the ability to analyse what the golfer is doing far better than ever before. It uses a 2 radar system, one to track the ball and the other to look at what the club is doing. No other radar out there is as accurate as this. 

It’s why so many tour players are using a TrackMan of their own at every tournament these days. Dustin Johnson has used it to improve his wedge game and catapult him to number one in the world.

The new version enables us to look at short shots round the green and very shortly a putting version will be released. This enables us to benchmark every aspect of your game now

Better than ever before | More features | TrackMan 4 Data

Other features that sets it apart from other systems is the video analysis function which allows up to 6 cameras to live feed into the software which makes it easy to analyse the swing and tie in the numbers that the TrackMan provides to the movement the golfer is making.

Also if you are looking to check the distances of your clubs or test out new clubs TrackMan can check this for you very quickly, enabling you to make informed decisions on which clubs to buy or leave out of you bag.

Hit better shots with every club

You could be Neil's next success story. The time to get fitted is now thanks to this technology.