Fact or fiction? The truth is in the numbers

Over the last few years there have been a good few golfers who have easily blown those myths away. Tiger, Brooks and Rory are hardly lacking in the strength department. This shouldn’t be overlooked ... See more

Some rakish tales and how to deal with them

My one-day intensive sessions have been going well and I’ve enjoyed having longer with golfers to focus on two, three or four different aspects of their game. As well as being a help to golfers, the ... See more

The time has come to dust off the cobwebs and get back to work

Here we go out of lockdown, and the weather is fantastic. I really hope you all enjoy getting out there. Hopefully you'll brush the rust off quickly.

I got confirmation through late ...
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It's time to reassess your game

It looks like we’ll be getting back to golf of some sort soon! Hopefully you’ve managed to stay safe and sane! In the early part of lockdown I managed to raise £220 for the ARI Intensive Care unit ... See more

The ruler, the snake and the rolling-pin

This week I thought I’d send you some tips for keeping the golf feels going while you are unable to play. You can really educate the hands just using around-the-house stuff. I know this is slightly ... See more

New season, new ideas for your game

There goes Masters Sunday without a Masters. It's the trigger that gets a lot of us going for the golf season. Now we've to wait till November! It's going to be a bit like the World Cup being played ... See more

Take a clip and collect the rewards

I’ve had a to and fro of messages from people keen to help with the fund-raising for ARI, and just needing to get organised with a club and a phone, and a bit of room to swing.

Read our ...
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New Clip and Collect service!

The Coronavirus and today’s lockdown circumstances have made ordinary life challenging, but golf can still be a great escape. Your golf learning doesn’t have to stop.

Read our newsletter ...
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Are you going stir crazy at home?

I’ve had a good few golfers lamenting not having golf to watch on TV, what with The Masters postponement and The Players Championship being stopped after round one (poor Matsuyama!).

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Are you playing golf the Wright way?

When the great Ben Hogan says something like the above, you have to sit up and take notice. That quote was used on the front of a golf instruction book called ‘Play Golf the Wright Way’, by Mickey ... See more

We know you've got what it takes to conquer the course

5-5-5 Clinics

These clinics are filling up fast, so be sure to book your spot if you’d like an MOT for your game, before the season tees off. Before you come along to one of these clinics, ...
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It's time to act on your New Year resolutions

What resolutions have you made for your golf game? Surely one of them is to score lower? Or it might be to be more consistent? Or have a better short game? If you are to reach your golf goals then ... See more

It's Not All Plain Sailing

By this I mean you are not always hitting the ball from a flat well manicured lie as you do on the driving range.That is the great challenge of the game, to be able to adapt your game to all that the ... See more

Dealing with bad shots

I mentioned the famous bad tempered golfer Tommy Bolt earlier in the calendar. This is a great picture of the former US Open Champion. I know I've felt this way on a golf course, most of us have! It ... See more

Keep It Simple

'We are getting too mechanical about the golf swing......Golf was never meant to be an exact science - it's an art form. Einstein was a great scientist but a lousy golfer.' Bob Toski
Maybe ...
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The Pete McArthur Drill

This is a great drill inspired by Pete of Strathbogie.co
You don't need to set it up as I have in the video but just picturing this will help you do a number of things right through impact. ...
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A good takeaway

Here's a takeaway picture of the 1920 Open Champion, George Duncan, born in Oldmeldrum in 1883. I wonder what Christmas in Oldmeldrum was like then! For such an old picture there's a lot about that ... See more

Seve Chipping Tip

'They say I get into too many bunkers. But is no problem. I am the best bunker player.'
Seve Ballesteros

Players on tour these days still copy Seve Ballesteros's short game ...
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'Where did the ball go? There must be a hole in this green.' Gary Player

I'd like to give you another putting tip. Although lots of different methods work, something a lot of good putters ...
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Faults to avoid

I really have to have a politics theme today and these are the best pictures of politicians playing golf I can find.

The aspects to learn from Nigel Farage's technique through the ball here ...
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I don't teach this method for hitting a golf ball. I'd like to thank our Tour Pro, Chris Robb for his assistance. He has the finesse in this performance, my hit was sheer luck!

If you're ...
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Downhill Lie With A Fairway Wood

This is a special request from a golfer looking to find out some tips on hitting a fairway wood from a downhill lie. It's a tough shot so the first thing to ask is 'should I be trying this?' If the ... See more

Left heel up continued

Here's a pic of Mickey Wright, the greatest ever ladies golfer. She won 82 LPGA Tour events and 13 majors and Ben Hogan said she had the best swing he had ever seen. Worth copying then!
Like ...
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More Distance?

'Putting is the least manly thing in golf, and therefore, when a player gets older and he does not win as much, he blames it on his putting. He does not want to admit that his power may be leaving ... See more

Downhill lie chip

“If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.” – Dean Martin

I like using downhill chips to encourage good fundamentals with the short game. To play the shot well you have to do the opposite ...
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Super Mex

'I am not saying my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes they'd come up sliced'

One of the many quotes of the great Lee Trevino who turned 80 on the 1st of December. I think the pics ...
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Blue Tack Putting Drill

Consistent solid contact is one of the most important aspects to master when putting. Your touch will be that much better if you hit the same part of the putter each time. To practice this I'd like ... See more

Practice Missing To Improve Your Strikes

A common remark I get from golfers is that they can't feel the club head. To improve your awareness of the club head try the following drill. Get some Daktarin (foot spray) and cover face of an iron ... See more

Advent Calendar Golf tip 2nd December

So many times I'm told during a golf lesson ' I hit much better shots on the range than I do on the golf course'
It's a very common complaint.
If this is you then there are a couple of things ...
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Well done Matt

I'm teeing off my Advent Calendar of golf this year by dedicating this video to our new course record holder at Meldrum House, Matt Clark. Matt was complementary about my deliberate top and catch ... See more

News from Neil

I had reason to be thankful a few weeks ago in Tenerife when I tried something new: paragliding! I was thankful I made it from mountain to beach in one piece! My pilot for the day was Simon from ... See more

Christmas Voucher November Discount Offer

You know that an improvement in their golf game is what golfing friends and family want! So what better Christmas present than the first step to reaching their goals next season. So I'm offering an ... See more

Don’t go for the comfort zone

I’m delighted with this clip of Justin Rose working on his game last week in Turkey. It’s a great example of the lengths a golfer needs to go through to elicit a change in their game.

Read ...
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Take the horror shows out your game!

In conjunction with my last newsletter, I’d like to emphasise a tip that I believe will help lower your scores. No, it does not entail getting more birdies or shots to 2 feet. Neither does it have ... See more

Don’t put your clubs away, it's time to start getting ready for next season!

This is the ideal time to take stock of your game, work out your weaknesses and get to work on them. This will ensure you are comfortable with the changes come March time.

Read our ...
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Every shot is a learning experience

Consistency is the thing most golfers strive for, but I’m afraid it’s never going to happen. You have to learn to deal with the bad shots in the best way you can. This means putting them out your ... See more

Master your short game

Another aspect of the pro game that you should try to copy is the short game and how they work on it. You can save yourself so many shots by practicing this part of the game more than the long game I ... See more

Michele Thomson and Chris Robb are flying the Meldrum flag high!

This week both our touring Professionals are playing in the same event! Michele Thomson and Chris Robb are playing in the ISPS HANDA World Invitational Men | Women at Galgorm Castle and Massereene ... See more

Practice to take the rough with the smooth

It’s a big week for golf as the second major is played at Pebble Beach in California. The US Open will be contested on one of the most picturesque courses in the world. I was lucky enough to visit ... See more

Can lightning strike twice at Bethpage Black?

This week sees the 2nd major of the year for the men at Bethpage Black in New York. The PGA Championship has been moved from its traditional spot in August to heighten its profile by avoiding a clash ... See more

Never stop learning!

Earlier on this week I attended a seminar with Scott Cowx at The Carrick at Loch Lomond. It was great to learn new methods for teaching from a world renowned tour coach. He’s from Toronto and has ... See more

Be Part of Chris Robb's Challenge Tour Adventure!

Our Touring Professional Chris Robb is offering the opportunity to buy shares in his 2019 European Challenge Tour season. The Tour starts this week in Turkey, follow Chris's progress at See more

Letting you in on Tiger's secret

There’s only one thing to talk about this week and that of course is the Masters. A great win for Tiger Woods and an amazing comeback. After all those surgeries and dramas in his life, that was some ... See more

Plan to make 2019 the best golf season yet!

It's the unofficial start of the golf season this week as The Masters gets under way. Hopefully it'll inspire you to a good start to your season. It's interesting seeing the guys working on their ... See more

You don't have to live with the lie

I gave a playing lesson this week to one of the best chippers in our club, Barry Brookes. He used a shot that is very useful this time of year when the grass growth is not quite there yet. He used a ... See more

Michele Thomson shines at the South African Women's Open

It’s been a great couple of weeks on the LET Tour for Meldrum House touring pro, Michele Thomson.

Two weeks ago, Michele finished 12th in the NSW Open in Australia with a 3 under par ...
See more

The secret to a better backswing

Justin Rose cemented his position at number one in the world with a win at Torrey Pines a couple of weeks ago. His swing is a thing of beauty and one that a lot of golfers cite when talking about the ... See more

Proper preparation is the key to success

Are you ready for the upcoming season? There is a lot of stuff we all can work on before the season officially starts.

In the latest newslettter I uploaded a new video on how to hit more ...
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Latest Newsletter

Here's this weeks newsletter, hope you fine it useful!
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Will you be ready when the light turns green?

It’s still a while till the season starts so you haven’t missed the boat in using the off season to improve your golf (or hit your new year resolutions) without the distractions of competitive golf. ... See more

My longest drive

This is the longest drive I've ever hit in a Santa suit. I'm sure you'll you like it! ( thanks to camera man Steven for the loan) I hope you have a Happy Christmas and a great 2019. I also hope ... See more

Lob shot at 11th

Another lob shot for you. Picture quality not so good as I didn't have Steven Spielberg helping me this time. This shot needed to be quite high as the green slopes away from you. Make sure ... See more

short game drill

Here's a good drill for developing your touch. You could use it for chipping, bunker shots, pitching or putting. I'm doing the chipping version here. Just try to see how many balls you can fit ... See more

Extreme downhill lie

Thought I'd try a Mr Mickelson for today. It worked out OK and I didn't take my head off! Don't try this at home.

'Watching Phil Mickelson play golf is like watching a drunk chasing a ...
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13th Green Long Putt

2nd time lucky, sorry to clog up your inboxes!
The 13th green at Meldrum House is 50 yards long with two tiers. What better place to try out a long putt. This putt is from the back of the green ...
See more

Long Putt at the 13th

The 13th green at Meldrum House is 50 yards long with two tiers. What better place to try out a long putt. This putt is from the back of the green to the front. To give yourself a chance of getting ... See more

1st Hole problems

This is what can happen at the first if you don't prepare for your round properly. A mishit tee shot and you are staring at a big score. This can put you on the back foot for the rest of the round. ... See more

Bunker shot at the 6th

This is a green side bunker shot with a steep tier up to the pin, you've got to fly your ball all the way up to the top or play a 'duff and run' with a longer club. I've gone for the 'fly it all the ... See more

downhill lie at 11

The ball has stuck on the back of a bunker and I have a downhill lie with a 5 iron. I changed a couple of things at address to help me get solid contact on this shot. They were:
1. More weight ...
See more

Uphill Lie at the 11th

This is probably the easiest of the sloping lies if you set up properly. The ball flies higher than normal so you may have to take more club. Along with this:
1. Get your spine at right angles to ...
See more

Pitch under low hanging branch

This branch causes a lot of problems for golfers hitting their 2nd or 3rd shots into the 14th. I'm about 100 yards from the green. So to guarantee the ball stays low enough to stay under the branches ... See more

Ball Below the feet

Here's the opposite lie to yesterdays clip. This is the other side of the 14th fairway which has the ball well below my feet. The ball is going to veer right off this lie so you must allow for ... See more
Here's a shot with the ball a few inches above my feet. The way to approach this shot is to is to alter a couple of things at address, then have plenty practice swings to 'acclimatise' yourself to ... See more
I thought I'd try out one of the new rules for 2019. You will be allowed to putt with the pin in next year. So should you leave it in? i'm not sure yet to be honest. It feels a bit weird to do it as ... See more

Par 5 Tee shot

Here's the 5th hole at Meldrum House. It's a hole that you can attack with a well played tee shot. Here I'm trying a couple of things to squeeze some more distance out the shot but not by jumping all ... See more

3 woods issues

I've always preferred long irons to fairway woods. As you can see I don't use up too many range balls when practicing them! Hope this brightens up your Monday!

A good fairway wood technique ...
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Another lob/pitch

Left hand side of the 3rd at the left side of the green is a bad miss. The green is sloping away from you and the hill down to the green makes it tough to run it down there. The higher shot is better ... See more

Get out of tree trouble

You've hit an errant tee shot and the ball is at the base of a tree. You can't make your normal swing. What to do? Here are a couple of ways to get back onto the fairway. I'm using a 7 iron here with ... See more

50 yard pitch

This is a feel shot and needs practice to be able to vary the shot length when you need to. Try to find out how far all your wedges fly, your pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. Once ... See more

Pick the correct side to tee up

Think about where you are teeing the ball up when you start a hole. In general, if a hole has trouble down one side ( as I have in the video at the 8th hole here at Meldrum House). You should tee ... See more

The Shot over water

The 7th at Meldrum House requires a shot many amateurs fear. To hit the ball over water. As with all golf shots the best way to approach them is to dwell on the positives. The wind was from the right ... See more

Course management lesson number 1

Don't follow a bad shot with a bad decision! Watch the clip and tell me would you choose where I was going to hit first of all? Or would you do what i ended up doing?
You job is to keep big ...
See more

Low running chip and run

I played this shot up the 6th green. The pin is cut quite close to the top of the tier and hard to fly up to the top and stop it. Ideal for a chip and run. I used an 8 iron for this shot. Key points ... See more

Lob pitch to 13th

Our second shot is at the 13th at Meldrum House. The green is surrounded by quite a few slopes and it can be easy to short side your self. If this happens you are faced with a decision. Either ... See more

Downhill short iron to 16th

Over the run up to Christmas every day I'll show you a shot on Meldrum House and a couple of tips on how to approach it. These will form our Advent Calendar of golf shots for 2018!
We'll kick ...
See more

Set a foundation for your game next season

Getting the start of your backswing correct can set the ball rolling so the rest of the swing will fall into place. Attention to detail in this area will help set a foundation for your game next ... See more

Fix your swing by focusing on your arms

If you are looking for some length to your shots, then maintaining your lead arms straightness can help this. Most golfers focus on keeping their left arm straight (if they are right handers). ... See more

Chip away your golfing blues

I’d like to focus on chipping this week as I seem to have had a spate of golfers with chipping problems come to see me recently asking about chipping. Too many duffed chips lead to a loss of ... See more

Improve your putting stroke to lower your scores

Are you feeling frustrated at times on the course and feel you're never going to excel further with your game? In this week's newsletter we give you a tip to help you improve your putting stroke and ... See more

The only shot that matters, is the one you're about to hit

What a great win for Tiger Woods at the weekend for an amazing comeback. The win also heightens the profile of the Ryder Cup this week with Woods playing as a wildcard pick. The crowds were amazing ... See more

What we can learn from the new World #1

The build-up is continuing for the Ryder Cup and with the US looking very strong this year. Europe were given a boost with Justin Rose reaching World Number One for the first time. It’s an amazing ... See more

Whole Game Improvement Classes

We are now half way through the season and it's time to make a push to make the season a successful one. To help motivate you and work on your game am running the following Whole Game Improvement ... See more

Bump-and-run it like Retief

The US Open is played this week at Shinnecock Hills on Long Island. Retief Goosen won the tournament the last time it was held there in 2004 with an amazing putting performance in the last round. ... See more

Do you know how far each of your clubs go?

A great win for Francesco Molinari at the weekend in the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. The Italian is renowned for his steady long game and this came to be the difference between him and the ... See more

Learn to play 4 shots in 4 weeks to save 4 strokes in your next round

I have another 4-4-4 clinic starting on the 7th of June for 4 weeks 10am till 11.30am. Learn to play 4 shots in 4 weeks to save 4 strokes in a round.

• The long drive
• High flighted ...
See more

Hello from Morocco!

I’m over in Morocco to caddie for Meldrum House Tour Pro Michele Thomson. She is playing the Lalla Meryem Cup on the Ladies European Tour this week at Royal Golf Dar Es Salam starting on Thursday. ... See more

Learning from the Pros at Augusta

There’s one thing in golfer’s minds just now and that is how much telly time they are going to have watching The Masters unfold over the weekend. It looks like being an amazing tournament with so ... See more

Long putt drill

Everyone is talking about Tiger Woods after his performance at the weekend at the Valspar Championship and now even more so after his first round performance at The Arnold Palmer Invitational ... See more

Here are some creative ways to get ready for the new season

Don’t let the bad weather stop you! Using a little bit of imagination, you can practice the touch shots in bad weather. Here, I’ve scooped out 3 circles in the snow to practice landing the ball ... See more

Don't let the Beast from the East stop you from improving your Backswing

Hopefully the ‘Beast from the East’ won’t hold up our march to the start of the golf season too much. I wanted to remind all golfers out there of the shoulder turn in the backswing and a simple ... See more

Learn to play to your strengths

Ted Potter Jr won the Pebble Beach Pro- Am at the weekend fighting off a notable trio of golfers. It's no mean feat to beat Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Phil Mickleson when they are in close ... See more

Here's my offer to you in 2018

Are you looking to improve your game in 2018? We are here to help!

For every level of golfer, from Beginner to Tour player! If you are unsure which option is best for you, don’t hesitate to ...
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Try something different around the greens

A different kind of shot for round the greens is today's tip!

Please get in touch to order. Vouchers can be posted, or collected from the pro ...
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Learn to shape it on demand

How to hit shots that curve the opposite way to your normal is today's tip.

Please get in touch to order. Vouchers can be posted, or collected from the pro ...
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Learn to Lob it

Hope you like the lob shot tips

Please get in touch to order. Vouchers can be posted, or collected from the pro shop.

07834 342213

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Hit it low and high!

Hope you like the tips on low shots and high shots!

Please get in touch to order. Vouchers can be posted, or collected from the pro shop.

07834 ...
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Pitch it like a pro

Hope you like the pitching tips!

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Hit it Longer!

Hope you like the Long Drive tips!

Please get in touch to order. Vouchers can be posted, or collected from the pro shop.

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Michele Thomson secures her Ladies European Tour card!

I'm so pleased to announce that our touring pro Michele Thomson has secured her Ladies European Tour card for next season. She has been playing all year on the LET Access tour for which the top 5 ... See more